Magnetic polishing machine

Magnetic polishing machine



Principle and application of Magnetic polishing machine

The magnetic polishing machine is a new type of equipment. It uses a high-frequency magnetic high-frequency variation to conduct fine grinding media (stainless steel rods) to produce high-speed flow.Movement, turning, shaking, etc., sliding through the hole in the workpiece, the surface of the concave and convex friction. Once the polishing, cleaning, removal of the edge and other precision grinding effect

Power: AC220V 50HZ

Power: 600W-4500W adjustable

Outer size: length 1300 × width 650 × height 900 machine weight: 168kg

Single maximum processing capacity (reference value): 18kg

1180 × 510mm in the grinding tank

Magnetic polishing machine use:

1. Die casting hardware to remove raw edges.

2. Removal of oxide film work

3. Oil surface polishing

4. Corrosion removal treatment

5. Sintering black trace treatment

6. Hardware polishing and washing work

Magnetic polishing machine suitable for industry products:

1. Precision stamping parts

2. Stainless steel parts, screws.

3. Magnesium aluminum die casting parts

4. Zinc aluminum die casting parts

5. Precision spring, shrapnel parts

6. Electronics, computers, communication parts

7. Take the heart, take the knife, CNC automatic lathe parts

8. Aerospace, medical parts

Magnetic polishing machine description:

1. The grinding speed is fast, the average grinding time is about 5 minutes to 15 minutes, and the double processing slot is used to replace the workpiece, which can be exchanged during machine operation.

Grinding parts

2. Simple and safe operation, one machine can operate several machines

3. Low cost, stainless steel needle is semi-permanent abrasive material, the consumption is extremely low, the main consumable is the slurry

4. No pollution, the slurry contains 85% water, so it is non-toxic and has a fire, fully comply with environmental emission standards.

5. After the grinding is completed, the workpiece is well treated, and the workpiece and the stainless steel needle can be easily separated by a screen, a sieve cylinder, an electromagnetic force, or a separator.

6. Stainless steel needles are available in diameters from 0.2-5MM to 1.2-10MM.

7. Non-ferrous metal or light iron metal, hard plastic and other precision parts, removing the rough grinding, chamfering, polishing, washing and other precision grinding work


8. Irregular parts, holes, tubes, dead ends, cracks, etc. can be ground

9. Fast processing speed, simple and safe operation, low cost

10.The finished product is not deformed after processing, and does not affect the accuracy.